Most habitats in the urban, as well as suburban areas, are in trouble due to geese. They can be often seen in the stormwater ponds, golf courses, parks, and agricultural fields as well. If you do not take appropriate steps to get rid of these creatures, they can cause considerable harm to your property and health as well.
Below we have highlighted a few potential methods to prevent geese infestations in your surroundings:

Geese Family nesting by water

Avoid attractions:

The first thing you need to do is remove all the attractions from your premises that are otherwise capturing the attention of these large birds. They can be some open sources of food and water; geese prefer to stay close to these essential elements. Geese also like to find space to live safely with their babies; hence, it is necessary to remove the tall reeds from agricultural fields to decrease goose infestation.

Geese repellents:

Markets are generally loaded with a variety of geese repellents; you can buy them at a reasonable price. Some homeowners also prefer to create home-based repellents to scare geese away from premises. But note that these repellents can work for the limited duration of time; you need to apply them again after 4-5 days. The strong smell or chemical content of these repellents try to discourage geese from visiting your premises time and again.

Deterrent solutions:

One of the most potent solutions to stay safe from geese attacks is deterrents. You can find a variety of geese deterrents in the market; they can be sound-based, motion-based or decoy type as well. The sound-based deterrents play loud noise to distress these large birds whereas the coyote decoys scare them like a natural predator. The motion-based deterrents work by causing instant activity whenever geese are moving around. Moreover, geese deterrent products are available at low cost in the local stores.

Geese Peace Dog with Company Truck

Professional assistance:

In case none of these methods work to provide you relief from geese attacks and infestations, it is better to take help from professional geese removal companies. They know the right techniques, tips, and tricks to scare these large birds away from the premises. There are various lethal and non-lethal methods to repel geese from the property.
Geese repellents, deterrents and goose decoys are potential solutions to geese attacks. If you want to save your property from their repetitive destruction; it is vital to use practical techniques to scare them away fast.

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