Having geese on your property can be an irritating experience. In such a situation, you may start looking for all possible options to get rid of geese. A variety of geese control methods are available for you and other goose-harassed folks to consider. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most effective and practical geese removal methods out there.

Geese being fed by people

Never feed geese

If you feed geese, even just one time, they will come back again and again. Hence, all people who are looking for geese prevention methods should refrain from feeding the geese. You should also keep in mind that foods that you consume are not healthy for geese. Therefore, you should never feed them under any circumstance. You can also create signs around your property, which will inform the neighbors not to feed geese.

Get rid of all geese food sources

If there are any geese food sources in your neighborhood, you will need to take appropriate steps to get rid of them as well. Geese will not just feed on grass. They will often feed on garbage as well. Therefore, proper disposal of waste is considered an effective preliminary geese removal method. On the other hand: you can think about treating your grass with a chemical repellant. This will trigger digestive irritation within geese, and then they will stop eating the grass. Anthraquinone is a perfect example of such a chemical repellent that you will be able to purchase from the market.

Dog Chasing Geese

Scare away geese

Geese chasing is considered one of as an effective method to get rid of unwanted geese. That’s where you can get the assistance of a goose-herding dog. These dogs are provided with specific training to scare away geese. You need to make sure that the dog has been trained by a handler for geese chasing. In fact, you need to make sure that the dog doesn’t catch or harm geese in any way. This is not the best method available for you to try if the geese are raising young or nesting.

Use effigies and decoys

Using effigies and decoys is a temporary solution possible for you to get rid of geese. If you take a look at the options available in the market, you will be able to notice some products which were designed specifically for this purpose. For example, you will be able to purchase plastic swans or fake alligator heads from the market at an affordable price. But after some time, the geese will notice they are false. That’s why this is only a temporary solution available to get rid of geese. To get the maximum results out of these products, you can think about making these objects move.

Use loud noises

Using loud noises can also be considered a great geese chasing method. That’s where sonic repellants will be able to assist you. You will be able to play a goose alarm call and chase away geese and will notice that geese flee as soon as they hear the alarm. Usually, the sonic repellants come along with a timer as well, so you don’t have to be there to set off the alarm. This can also be considered as a temporary solution though as they will likely figure out it is a false alarm.

As you can see, there are a few effective methods available for geese chasing and geese management. If you’re interested in a geese-free property and you don’t have time to try these solutions, feel free to contact a goose control service for a custom built strategy.

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